Property Management

You will not find another company in northwest Indiana that manages real estate investments as effectively as Reeder Companies.  Our fail proof method has worked and been refined over the past 40 years.  Cutting edge Property Management Software, Management & Maintenance Staff available 24/7, professional leasing agents, legal expertise, centrally located office space, and industry knowledge are key ingredients to our success.  Contact us to see how easy it is to become a part of the Reeder family.

The cost incurred when hiring a professional management company for your real estate investment often times is offset by the money that property manager will save.  Tenant placement, tenant retention, preventative maintenance, preferred contractor relationships, and expert legal services are some of the ways we will save you money.  When you choose Reeder Companies as your investment manager, you will not incur any hidden fees.  Hiring a management company should create just two additional expenses; leasing commission and the monthly management fee.

For over four decades the Reeder family has owned and managed real estate investments.  After selling most of our apartment buildings and complexes ten years ago, our system has come available for independent owners of homes, apartment buildings, and apartment communities.  You will benefit from years of experience and our resources to efficiently and effectively manage your real estate investment.